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Bigger Than Jesus: The Diary of a Rock & Roll Fan

Filmed before a sold-out audience in Portland, this concert film of the popular stageshow features three decades' worth of rock and metal classics performed by a live band. Rick Emerson relives the comedy and tragedy, the highs and lows, isolation, and redemption of a small-town kid transformed by music. From the first time hearing the crushing chords of Led Zeppelin, to the buy-in of Kurt Cobain's "genius," to the sell-out of Metallica, Bigger Than Jesus is a love letter to the music that forms the soundtrack of our lives.

Additional Filmography:

Remote Control
2004, Writer, Actor, Co-Producer (with Joni DeRouchie)
Frustrated by the cancellation of his favorite television program, viewer Danny Atkins issues a stunning threat to the network and the media: he will kill one person every week until the program is returned to the airwaves. Torn between public safety, public image, and the demands of the FBI, network executives hotly debate the company's next move. Although the limited DVD run of Remote Control has long since sold out, the "Ghetto Edition" can still be purchased on the Merch Page.

I Was a Teenage Dirtbag
2005, Co-Producer (with Joni DeRouchie)
One-hour documentary exploring the stories -from sad to poignant to hilarious- of everyday people whose lives were forever changed by rock and roll.

Rock Roundtable
2005, Host
Two-part TV show aired on Comcast in which local musicians, radio luminaries, and metal nerd know-it-alls discuss all things rock, around -you guessed it- a round table.

Kimmy Waters and the Holy Book of Knox
2006, Actor
Film Noir submission to the 48-Hour Film Project.

Counterparts of Fate
2007, Co-Writer (with Nate Baker)
Rain Country Creative's entry into the 48-Hour Film Project. Good and evil battle for the soul of a young man.


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