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Not content to beam my words into the furthest reaches of the aural spectrum, the universe has seen fit to expand my presence to television.

Airing Sunday mornings on Portland's NW 32 (the esteemed network of Gossip Girl), Outlook Portland covers all that is compelling, newsworthy, controversial, and enthralling about our fair town. Each week, I'm joined by a series of guests who shine a light on a particular corner of Rosetown culture. From food to politics to scandal to music, Outlook Portland is a window onto the thousand-and-one facets of Northwest style and life.

If you'd like to be a guest on Outlook Portland, or have an idea for an upcoming show, contact us forthwith!

Email: rick@outlookportland.com

Online: OutlookPortland.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/OutlookPortland
Facebook: Facebook.com/OutlookPortland

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